Important Dates

OCTOBER 26-27: GSPA Fall Conference.

OCTOBER 31: Deadline to join or renew membership for $50.

NOVEMBER 1- JUNE 1: Renew or join membership for the 2016-2017 year for $65.


Click Here to find who were this year's top winners for the 2016 GSPA Contest. A full list of winners and rankings will be available on the Next Bulletin! 


GSPA assists high and middle school media programs and students in the state of Georgia by encouraging their production of quality publications and broadcast programs through instruction and local competitions.

Throughout the year, GSPA sponsors three main events: the Fall Conference, the Spring Awards Ceremony and the Summer Journalism Academy. A short Advisers' Workshop is also offered in the summer prior to the Georgia Journalism Academy.

In addition to general excellence ratings for publications as a whole, GSPA also provides many individual competitions. High school juniors and seniors can apply for the junior Georgia Journalist of the Year and the Journalist of the Year. Seniors who receive the JOY award will then be entered into a national competition. 


In order to enrich the experience of GSPA members, GSPA publishes a monthly bulletin with news and updates for members. The Winner's Circle is produced annually and highlights the year's All-Georgia award winners in each category. 

GSPA Sponsors 2016-2017

SNO Sites, Friends of GSPA

SNO Sites, Friends of GSPA

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