Next Advisers’ Workshop slated for 2019!

We’re excited to announce that GSPA will collaborate with Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism to host a FREE camp for high school media advisers in 2019 in Macon!

The workshop has tentatively been scheduled for Monday, June 3, through Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

This will be a great opportunity to convene with fellow advisers and learn new skills that you can apply in the classroom. We’re envisioning a two-day, two-night program (probably on a weekend) in which we all arrive in Macon for an optional cocktail hour on the first night, followed by a full day of learning, and then, on the third day, a morning session before we head home around lunchtime. Mercer will provide facilities, equipment, instruction and breakfast & lunch for free, and will be able to pay hotel costs for a limited number of attendees in need.

Mercer’s Adam Ragusea is the lead organizer:, 478-301-2921.