Submit entries to the Spring Individual Awards Contest

Advisers and staffs are encouraged to recognize outstanding members by submitting entries to the Spring Individual Awards Contest

Any work published in newspapers, newsmagazines, news websites, or appearing in broadcasts between Feb. 1, 2018, and March 4, 2019, is eligible. (Yearbook and literary magazine individual entries are accepted in the Summer Contest.)

NOTE: 2019 Category descriptions have been updated. Please review each category before submitting your entries.


1. $2 fee for each individual entry

2. A form is required for each individual entry. The form is available online here.

3. Entries are limited to THREE PER STAFF per category. We will not accept multiple entries from one individual in the same category. 

4. Staff members should work with their fellow staffers and advisers to select the three best individual pieces from your staff per category. 

5- Individual entries for newsmagazine & newspaper should be in a PDF. The PDF title should be the following: Category #-Headline/Title-Publication Name-Student Name. The PDF should also include the title of entry and name of students in the document. 

6. Enter the URL below for individual entries submitted for the broadcast & news websites type of media.

7. Entries that do not follow guidelines properly will be disqualified.

8. Once you completed all entry forms, please compile all individual entries in a Dropbox folder and email link to or a Google Drive folder and email the link to

Payments may be mailed to GSPA 120 Hooper Street, Athens, Georgia 30602. Or, payments can be made online.

All winners will be announced and celebrated at the Spring Awards and Workshop Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at the University of Georgia’s Georgia Center for Continuing Education.