About Us

The Georgia Scholastic Press Association was organized in 1928 by then the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia to promote the understanding and practice of journalism. In the last 89 years, GSPA has evolved to encompass the various trends in journalism and mass communication. GSPA provides opportunities to network, opportunities for skill development; and provides tools to bring programs/publications to the next level. 


  1. Membership is open to high and middle school- sponsored newspapers, news magazines, yearbooks, literary/creative magazines, broadcasts, and online media staffs. 
  2. Membership is valid for the academic year (June 1-May 31). 
  3. Schools with multiple publications will be able to save money by signing up for only one membership and pay an additional $10 for each added adviser. 
  4. New members and current can join from June 1 until August 31 for a reduce price of  their membership in a reduced price until August 31s. Afterwards the dues are $50 until November 1st. After November 1st dues will be $65. 
  5. Please fill out membership form prior to sending payment. For membership form click here
  6. Payment can either via check or credit. 
    1. To pay with credit click here
    2. To pay with check: please make check payable to GSPA and mail to GSPA, 120 Hooper St. Journalism 211A, Athens GA 30602. 

Membership Services: 

  1. Members will have exclusive access to resources and publication archives in the "members only" section of the GSPA website. 
  2. Members will receive the official association's newsletter The Bulletin six-five times throughout the academic year. The Bulletin includes pertinent information regarding the happenings in the association and more resources for development. 
  3. Members will have access to the GSPA listserv. 
  4. Members will have the opportunity to attend the annual events (additional funds required to attend): 
    1. The Fall Conference
    2. Spring Workshop & Awards Ceremony 
    3. Bi-annaul Summer Adviser Workshop
  5. Members are able to participate in various contests throughout the year.
  6. Members are able to participate in critique services during the fall conference and spring contest. 
  7. Advisors can volunteer with the Advisory Board. 
  8. Students can volunteer with the Student Advisory Board
  9. Advisors will have access to a yearly membership directory through the "members only" portion of the website. 
  10. School visits.
    1. Members will be able to request and schedule visits with the director and special guests. 
    2. Members will be able to request and schedule visits in order to visit Grady College & UGA. 

Interested in becoming a GSPA 2017-18 member? Fill out our new online form!